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Followup About the Wednesday Night Rides

to follow up on this one. Jonathan @ Alpha Bikes is the guy handling the Wednesday ‘beginner’s ride’. We need to get the word out about this one. I absolutely love what he has put together for a true beginner route and ride.

The route:

The route goes down Academy/Webb Bridge to the Greenway and then goes all the way to the Roswell / Old Alabama trailhead and back. The pacing will be around 10-12 mph and should be an absolutely ideal route for a getting started ride.

In addition, he is doing a second ride, once a month, that is a women’s ride. It starts up THIS SATURDAY. It is a great looking 27 mile loop around Alpharetta. Pacing will be dictated by the group makeup, and though the guys are welcomed, this ride is all about the ladies, and they rule the ride.

Wednesday Night Rides in Alpharetta

Something interesting happened this winter. The landscape of this summer’s Wednesday Night Rides has turned into something where we went from having a couple of options to having a really good plan. Trying to find a ride for your experience and pacing used to be nearly impossible, and yet now we find ourselves with a great set of options.

This summer we find ourselves with a true beginners ride option, a true C group, no drop option, a good B group no drop option, and an A group who can hang with those guys option. All of them within a mile of each other, and Gasp the organizers are speaking to each other about them. No seriously, this is just awesome.

Beginners Ride

Organized by Alpha Bikes, this is truly a beginners ride. Meeting at Alpha Bikes at 5:45PM, and rolling out no later than 6:15PM this is a route that is truly designed fro beginner riders and should not see a pace that exceeds 12-15 mph.

Harry’s Not In A Hurry – C Group

This is a long standing ride in the Alpharetta area that ran for years out of the old Harry’sIn a Hurry parking lot. For the 2015 season, it has a new route and a new start location. Starting from Endurance House (on April 1st), the new group and route meets at Endurance House Alpharetta at 6:00PM and is wheels down at 6:15 PM for a 21 mile loop. This ride is organied and managed by the Bike Alpharetta organization. Generally the pacing will be around 15 mph.

Endurance House – B & A Group

Starting last year, Endurnace starting group that is a an A & B group ride. the B group is a no drop group, while the the A group is a drop ride. There are a couple of routes, and they vary as time allows, but these are faster pace rides, with the B ride pace around 17-18 mph while the A group can push over 20 mph as the season progresses.