Monthly Archives: July 2020

A Social Distanced Real World 5k and 5 miler

Let’s do this. Like most runners who enjoy race day, this year has been tough. Few races, and even the ones that have gone on have been uncomfortable. And virtual races have been fun, but just a different vibe and feel. Then some friends put this together, and well, it’s the best of both worlds for me. Everyone is racing on the same course. We are being timed by the same system. But we get to do it within a time frame, and have real results.

Game On.

Even better is that it is a course many area athletes have trained on, but never actually raced on.

So. Columns Drive, here we come. Register and get your race on with me.

I’ll be doing both the 5k and the 5 miler on different days. I’m slow, so show me how slow I really am.