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11-01-2018 Wednesday Intervals are ON

Here is the evil plan. Let’s embrace the dark and do intervals anyways!

Eddie will be hosting the indoor trainer sessions at the shop, and those wil be more productive than what we are doing, but space is limited, and well, I’ve mentioned my dislike of the trainer right?

Winter Wednesday night rides are interval nights. Meet at the Alpharetta City Center at 6:30PM and go wheels down at 6:45PM, this should put us out after traffic has largely cleared out. We will take a nice easy 1.25 mile warm up down Academy St to Westside Parkway, where we will do our intervals.

Interval 1 – .5 miles from Academy to Cumming St.
Recovery – .6 miles from Cumming St to Morris Rd.
Interval 2 – .5 miles from Morris Rd to Webb Rd.
Recovery – .7 miles from Webb Rd to Avensong Crossing & back (U turn at end)
Interval 3 – .5 miles from Webb Rd to Morris St.
Recovery – .6 miles from Morris Rd to Cumming St.
Interval 4 – .5 miles from Cumming St to Academy St ( LTF Sprint )
Recovery – .5 miles from Academy to the first Avalon light ( U turn ) and back to Academy St.

From there, we can repeat the intervals if you are ready for more, or people can head back to the start.

A single lap is just short of 9 miles, and each additional lap adds a little under 5.5 miles.

Headlights and taillights will be required even though this is a reasonably well lit road.

So…. Who wants to join in with this crazy?