Monthly Archives: August 2016

Bring Your Lights!

If you are riding in the North Metro tonight. Keep in mind, sunset is getting earlier, with the sun setting at 8:12PM tonight. Combine that with wet roads from this mornings rains and probably cloudy skies, make sure to charge and mount your lights for your ride tonight!
#ridemore #nobadweatherjustbadgear

Tip for Drivers

When you are behind a bicycle at a stop light, we really don’t need 20+ feet of gap behind us and when you do this you are actually creating a problem. The sensors in the road that detect a vehicle are supposed to be sensitive enough to detect a bicycle there. Most are not, so if you are sitting 20 feet back, the sensors can’t detect you, and if the sensor doesn’t pick up the bike, we will both be sitting there for a while. ( This is the most common reason you’ll see us move through Red lights, we don’t trigger them alone ).