O.G.R.E. Dru

O.G.R.E. Dru, or more specifically Dru Satori is the nerd of the group. This would be why most of the early posts come from him, since this is the kinda of nerdy behavior one would expect from a nerd like him.

For Dru though, this all starts in the way back machine. He has been an avid cyclist starting at a young age, but got pretty serious as a teen. Raced a few races, but was always one to go out and ride for hours. Then he had kids, got a real job, got fat, found a new shape (round), and got old. By the time the big four oh arrived, he realized it was time to go the other way.

That led to learning to run (on knees that have been repaired a couple of times).  2.5 years, 70lbs, 2 marathons, 3 half marathons and a handful of 10k’s later, an old friend convinced him to try a triathlon. So it was that 6 weeks prior to the race, he signed up, jumped in a pool and started swimming. It took exactly one race to begin the addiction.

That led to turning into a triathlete. While podiums may be out of reach for the slow running OGRE, they aren’t the motivation. Beating personal goals is all this is about.  First it was finishing.  Now there are time and speed goals. Then came a few Ironmans and other triathlons.

These days, he has largely retired from racing, and sticks to running, riding and being an advocate for all non-car transportation, because what the world needs now, is less cars.