@ Goat Riders from the Post Rd YMCA

This is a great casual ride on Sundays, with a great group of people. If you are looking for a go very fast ride, this is not your ride. If you are looking for a good 24’ish mile route at a 12-15 mph pace, this is the place to be. As a bonus, there is a destination, a stop to feed some goats along the way.

The time changes as the season does, so join the Facebook Group and join the Goats on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “@ Goat Riders from the Post Rd YMCA

  1. Dorothy bretz

    Ride Team Maggie sat. Met Lily who ash’s me with her husband and I hope this is the group she was talking about. (Signed in Facebook with a group in Ca. Oops) won’t be able to do all Sunday’s but she also said some midweek.

  2. Dorothy Bretz

    Would like to join – heard about the group while in the Team Maggie ride last sat. I live in cumming ga. Moved from San Jose, Ca. And have been riding alone on the country roads.

  3. John Rezabek

    Are you guys/gals riding tomorrow on Fathers Day? Moved up from FL a few years ago and now looking to get back into group rides…look forward to joining you..


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