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Real Conversations With Drivers

From todays local community group.

Does anyone know why it’s constantly soaked on the southbound 400 exit next to Texas roadhouse? I lose traction headed to work in that spot almost every morning

To which the polite and sane response ( this wet spot is the result of a natural spring / upwelling near the roadway ).

If you are spinning the tires, and your tires are not bald, then the odds are you are driving a little heavy footed, because that really is not enough water to a serious issue to someone driving sensibly.That said, on cold mornings, that can become a bit slick from icing, but the patch is so small that there may be some wheel slip, it should not be enough to cause any loss of control ( except maybe your bowels or bladder if you are prone to panic while driving )

At which point the original poster follows up with this gem of sensibility:

it hasn’t been an issue since its warmed up, but I saw it this morning full stream, so was curious. when it was cold outside I went in second and still went sideways right there.

A Few Thoughts:

  • You know it is a problem area of the road, and you still spin the tires every day? *
  • You drive a rear wheel drive, apparently manual transmission and do not understand the relationship of power to traction?
  • You see the water on the roadway, and still elect to drive through with a heavy throttle foot ( while turning the front wheels )?


Please turn in your keys, you are too stupid to drive.