Wednesday Night is a big night for group rides in the area. There is no lack of rides, and no lack participation. These days, there is a ride for everyone. For some there are multiple options.

If you need a reminder about pacing guidelines, have a look at the ride ettiquette page here


Beginners Ride – D Group

Organized by Alpha Bikes, this is truly a beginners ride. Meeting at Alpha Bikes at 5:45PM, and rolling out no later than 6:15PM this is a route that is truly designed fro beginner riders and should not see a pace that exceeds 12-15 mph.

Harry’s Not In A Hurry – C/B2 Group

This is a long standing ride in the Alpharetta area that ran for years out of the old Harry’sIn a Hurry parking lot. For the 2015 season, it has a new route and a new start location. Starting from Endurance House, the new group and route meets at Endurance House Alpharetta at 6:00PM and is wheels down at 6:15 PM for a 21 mile loop. Pacing for this ride is intended to be less than 15 mph average over the course early in the season and get a little faster as the season progresses.

Being a ‘No Drop’ group, the group is expected to break pretty naturally into two groups, with a faster B2 group that may float up to the 16 mph range, and a slower C group that can maintain a 14-15 mph pace but still stop to regroup at the designated regroup points.

Endurance House – B1 & A Group

Starting last year, Endurance House started group that is a an A & B group ride. the B group will start the season as a no drop group, while the the A group is a drop ride. There are a couple of routes, and they vary as time allows, but these are faster pace rides, with the B ride pace around 17-18 mph while the A group can push over 20 mph as the season progresses.


Reality Bikes – C, B2, B1, A Groups

Reality has been running this ride for a couple of years now. The routes go north out of Cumming. There are some hills, some fast sections and some slow sections. Over the years, this has become a very large group, and can be intimidating, but they are welcoming and friendly.

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