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Gravel Tires vs Road Tires?

With the cooler temps, and more rides in the dark, many of area riders have switched to gravel bikes and gravel tires deal with conditions. What is the impact on the speeds and effort levels of those tires. Well, back in June, GCN did a really good video comparing the two tires on the same bike…

Some really good information in there.

Dru Satori

May 11, 2016

The newly launched Garmin ForeRunner 735 looks and feels an awful lot like a replacement for the interesting, and decent VivoActive but in a more complete and attractive package. We won’t have one in our hands to play with and test for a few more weeks, but suffice it to say, for the Sprint up to 70.3 distance triathletes, or the 2 sport athletes that do not need more than 8-10 hours of GPS battery this may well be the device of choice.