Monthly Archives: April 2015

First Long Ride of the Season

With the chaos that is the life of a parent, sometimes finding the time to get a couple of good long rides in to start the season is incredibly challenging. Last weekend I managed to a 40 mile ride at a slow pace, followed up with a short brick. It was a challenge. It ended up taking a vacation and being a travelling circus to get a solid 90 miles in. IT was a good 90 though. Strangely, this was the longest ride I had done on an aero bike. I have ridden centuries in the past, but always on my road bike. Needless to say there where some lessons learned.

Lessons Learned

  • Aero is a huge advantage in stiff headwinds
  • Aero bikes, even with standard wheels get pushed around a lot in crosswinds
  • Racing Mopeds, while fun, is not a good idea at mile 40, 44, 51, or 63 of a 90
  • Sand. Is. Evil.

That said, it was a wonderful ride. 5 hours in the sunshine, parallel to the beach, really is a great way to break back into the long days. Admittedly, the 3 miles run off that bike wasn’t all that fun. But that is why we do this right? to get better, and make these easier?