Monthly Archives: March 2017

Wednesday Night Rides @ Endurance House Are Back

With the time change, and more spring like temperatures, it is ride time again. Wednesday Night Rides at Endurance House with Bike Alpharetta are back. This is a favorite group ride in the area, as it accommodates a wide range of paces and skills, with 5 groups spread across 2 routes.

The slower groups, the Yellow, White & Orange if needed, will ride the Bike Alpharetta Loop ( )

White = ~13mph
Yellow = ~14mph
Orange = ~15mph ( only if needed )

The faster groups, the Blue, Green, and Brown, will ride the Endurance House Loop (short until the beginning of April, then the 27/30 for the summer) ( short: long: )

Blue = ~16mph ( only if needed )
Green = ~17mph
Brown = ~18mph

The fastest group, the Black, is riding the 27/30 mile Endurance House Loop, until sometime in late April or early May, and depending upon interest, will extend out to use a 40 mile version. ( )

Black = ~19mph+ ( only if needed )

As a reminder, these rides are Triathlon Bike friendly, but that does mean being aware of the safety issues involved. Triathlon/TT bikes have challenges in groups. Do not ride in aero inside a group, only use aero if off the front or back. Keep your hands near your brakes. Also remember, your gearing is typically setup more for flat courses, and while none of these routes are mountainous, they do involve some climbing. If you feel that the climbs may present some challenges, then feel free to ride at the back of a group.

Finally, these rides, like every other ride we do is a ride at your own risk. You are responsible for your own safety. Don’t cross wheels, bring lights, bring what you need for minor roadside repairs, and keep your eyes out for traffic and problems.