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Tuesday 5 Things – 2017.10.17

  1. This song from Sofi Tukker ( Best Friend ) is about to be crazy popular on alternative radio, and probably pop radio by spring.
  2. Last week saw two really good examples of the real problem between cars and bikes sharing the roads, and it is not the bikes. Matt Russell hitting a van that pulled out in front of him, on a CLOSED ROAD race course, and this 20 person protest against a bike lane installed after a child was killed riding in a neighborhood street are clear examples of fundamental issue that people as a rule really aren’t very good at driving.
  3. After years of riding bikes year round, we finally have lights that are finding the sweet spot of bright enough, long enough battery life, and small enough that riding at night no longer feels like a complete gamble. 1100 lumens, with 2 hours of battery life in a self contained unit that fits comfortably on the handlebars? Yes please. Lezyne Power Drive 1100i
  4. Fall is the best time of the year. It is also the hardest to dress for if you are doing any outdoor athletic activities. Knees are particularly difficult to properly address.
  5. Scott Sports sponsored athlete Louis Reboul might jus thave the best backyard bike space in the world. Just watch and enjoy. It helps that he has incredible skills on the bike.