For years there has been a set of ‘Rules’ for cycling that was a mix of tongue in cheek humor and mockery. Unfortunately, there are people who take that stuff too seriously and have subverted the rules into something that is really elitist and mean spirited. Not too long ago, Phil Gaimon, a retired pro cyclist put together a list of rules that really make far more sense. They have been copied here in case they get lost over time, but I expect them to grow over time too.

The New Rules of Cycling: AKA Philuminati

Rule #1: Everyone riding a bike and being safe and having fun is doing it right.
Rule #2: Wear whatever the hell you want.
Rule #3: Nothing on your bike has to match. Cycling is already expensive, complicated, elitist, and often sexist and racist. Don’t make it harder because someone’s tires aren’t the same brand.
Rule #4: A Gran Fondo is as competitive as you want it to be, but the group ride is a workout, not a race. You should have no feelings about winning, not winning, who crossed the imaginary line first for no prize or how they did it.
Rule #5: In traffic, we take the space we need, obey the laws that make sense for us, and try to be courteous. Pedestrians have right of way. If you want cars to respect cyclists, cyclists have to respect people on foot.
Rule #6: We all wave to each other. This includes triathletes, commuters, e-bikes, homeless people, and scooters. We’re in this together. The enemy is car culture.
Rule #7: If you’re not into helmets that’s your decision, but do respect the policies of who you’re riding with. We don’t helmet shame (adult) strangers we see without them, but don’t show up on the group ride like that if that’s not how everyone else does it.
Rule #8: Strava is a social media platform, not a race. Follow Strava’s policies, express yourself with your cool bike rides and your pictures and fitness. If you lose a KOM, you remember that a KOM means nothing. You give Kudos and get inspired to improve and try to take it back.
Rule #9: For fucks sake don’t litter. I can’t believe I have to say that.
Rule #10 (This is broad to cover anything I’m missing): Don’t be a dick.