City of Milton

The City of Milton is a relatively new city in the state of Georgia. Set in the rural northwestern corner of Fulton County, the city is a mix residential and equestrian estates with relatively low commercial density. With and ambitious master plan to establish a robust infrastructure of pedestrian, equestrian and bicycling trails the city is poised to become at top cycling destination in the northern Atalanta suburbs. Unfortunately, the ambitious plans take money and time, two luxuries that the city does not yet have.

In addition, while the neighboring cities of Roswell and Alpharetta both have local advocacy groups, Milton does not, and in fact has a pretty vocal group of anti-cyclist advocates, as well as a municipal police force that has displayed a strong anti-cyclist bias. At present, there is little demonstrable evidence of forward progress with cycle tracks, bike trails and other cycling infrastructure. The only visible change in the last year is the addition of bike lanes at the Birmingham and New Providence Road interchange as a part of the build out of the roundabout at that interaction.

* City of Milton

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